!mention · !mention <DiscordUsername>

Mention a Discord user from Guilded.

!help · !help [module or command]

Lists available Parrot commands. Optionally include any module or command name as an argument to get more information about that specific module or command.


Get current approximate round-trip latency between Parrot and Guilded. Ping results are highly variable and may not be accurate.


Parrot website and support information.


Acknowledgements and credits for Parrot.


View current server's privacy settings.


Get a list of all commands with cooldowns.


Toggle your AFK state.

!warn · !warn <@mention> [reason]

Warn a member.

!kick · !kick <@mention>

Kick a member from your server.

!ban · !ban <@mention> [time period]

Temporarily ban a member from your server for given time period.

!unban · !unban <@mention> [reason]

Unban a member from your server.

!mute · !mute <@mention> [time period]

Temporarily mute member(s) from your server for given duration. If a time period is not provided, member is muted indefinitely.

!unmute · !unmute <@mention>

Prematurely end a tempmute on a member.

!history · !history <@mention> [all]

List a member's infraction and punishment history.

!case · !case <case id>

Lookup a moderation case.

!deletecase · !deletecase <case id>

Delete a moderation case. It will still be viewable using the "all" flag of the history command.


Get information about the current server.

!memberinfo · !memberinfo <@mention>

Get information about a member.

!addrole · !addrole <@role>

Add the mentioned role to all members of the server.

!removerole · !removerole <@role>

Remove the mentioned role from all members of the server.

!purge · !purge [number of messages]

Delete up to 50 messages from the current channel. If a number is not provided, 50 messages are deleted.


View the edit history of a message. Reply to a message with this command.

!bypass · !bypass <@mention>

Bypass a user's verification.

!modmail · !modmail [message]

Set current channel as modmail channel. Parrot will send the "React to Create Modmail Ticket" message. You can optionally provide your own message, or Parrot will use the default.

!giveaway · !giveaway <number of winners> <time> <description>

Create a new giveaway.

!giveawaydraw · !giveawaydraw <message id>

Draw giveaway with given message ID. This will prematurely end ongoing giveaways, or can be used to redraw completed giveaways.

!8ball · !8ball <question>

Ask the 8 ball about the future. Or your favorite food.


Get your peepee size.

!kill · !kill <@mention>

Kill another member (definitely very real).

!hack · !hack <@mention>

Hack another member's Guilded account (super real!).

!google · !google <search>

Let me google that for you.


Listen to the wonderful music of Rick Astley.


How gay are you?


How much of a simp are you?


Flip a coin.

!ask · !ask <question>

Ask Parrot a yes/no question.

!dice · !dice [number]

Roll a die with a specified number of sides. If no number is provided, a 6-sided die is rolled.

!multidice · !multidice [number of dice] [number of sides]

Roll multiple dice with a specified number of sides. If no number is provided, four six-sided die are rolled.

!say · !say [text]

Repeats what you say.

!base64encode · !base64encode [text]

Encodes provided text to base64.

!base64decode · !base64decode [base64 string]

Decodes provided base64 to text.

!add · !add <number> <number>

Add two numbers together.

!subtract · !subtract <number> <number>

Subtract the second number from the first.

!multiply · !multiply <number> <number>

Multiply two numbers.

!divide · !divide <number> <number>

Divide the first number by the second.

!squareroot · !squareroot <number>

Get the square root of a number.

!power · !power <number> <number>

Raise the first number to the power of the second.

!square · !square <number>

Square a number.

!balance · !balance [@mention]

Get your bank account balance, or the bank account balance of another member.

!withdraw · !withdraw [amount]

Withdraw money from your bank account.

!deposit · !deposit [amount]

Deposit money into your bank account.


View the server economy leaderboard.


Claim your daily coins.

!transfer · !transfer <@mention> <amount>

Transfer coins to another user.

!addcoins · !addcoins <@mention> <amount>

Add coins to a member.

!removecoins · !removecoins <@mention> <amount>

Remove coins from a member.

!awardxp · !awardxp <@mention> <amount>

Award XP to a member. Provide a negative amount to remove XP.


Earn coins for working.


Earn coins for doing a crime.


Go fishing and earn coins.


Farm and earn coins.


Adventure and earn coins.

!rob · !rob <@mention>

Rob another member's pocket and steal their coins.


Buy roles from the server shop.

!item · !item <item id>

View a shop item's details.

!purchase · !purchase <item id>

Purchase an item from the server shop.

!purchases · !purchases [@mention]

View your purchases, or view the purchases of another member.

!removeitem · !removeitem <@mention> <item id>

Remove 1x quantity of an item from a member. Does not refund coins.


Try your luck at the slots. Win coins for 2 and 3 of a kind, but watch out for poop!


Rock, Paper, Scissors. Bet 2 coins against the computer.

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